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Clear the Air Foundation takes 5,000 high-polluting vehicles off Colorado’s roads and streets

New milestone achieved for 2020


Mark Zeigler, Director

Clear the Air Foundation



DENVER, August 24, 2020 – The Clear the Air Foundation, (CTAF), announced today it has successfully taken more than 5,000 high-polluting vehicles off Colorado’s roads for good—a new milestone for CTAF.

Founded in 2007, the Foundation closely works with franchise new car dealers to donate those high-polluting trade-in vehicles off their lots. Rather than selling them at auction or donating to organizations who then sell them at auction, permanently removing these vehicles contributes to dealers’ commitment to keeping the air we breathe clean.

Mark Zeigler, director of CTAF, said, “The average age of a donated vehicle is 17.5 years. When we receive vehicles the parts can be recycled and engine is crushed. The recycled parts are sold and the Foundation distributes those funds back into the community in the form of scholarships to students in the automotive technology field.

“These donations have allowed the Foundation to award 74 scholarships to students in Colorado at a total value of $250,000 for tuition and tools.”

Taking 5,000 high-polluting vehicles off Colorado’s roads and streets equates to more than 135,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas that will no longer pollute Colorado’s air.

Zeigler added that 13 Colorado new car dealerships have combined to donate 2,400 high-polluting vehicles to the Foundation since its inception.

“We are working hard to ensure the next 5,000 cars come off Colorado roads as soon as possible,” Zeigler added. If you have a car that really shouldn’t be on the road anymore, consider donating it to the Foundation. It doesn’t cost you anything and it goes to a great cause.”

For more information about how to donate a “clunker,” please visit the Clear the Air Foundation.



Founded in 2007 by the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, the Clear the Air Foundation (CTAF) strives to improve the air we breathe by permanently taking old or improperly maintained vehicles off the road. The Foundation receives high-polluting vehicles donated by Colorado automobile dealers, organizations and citizens to improve the quality of Colorado’s air. These ‘clunkers’ are delivered to an auto recycling company, where they are recycled — never to pollute again. To date, the Foundation has recycled more than 5,000 vehicles.

In addition, the Foundation recycles the funds from crushed cars into $2,500 grants to students who are pursuing careers in the automotive technology industries. For more information, please visit the Clear the Air Foundation.


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