Press Releases

Clear the Air Foundation believes that everyone should be up to date with all the news and innovations from the automotive industry. With the sheer amount of people the automotive industry impacts on a day to day basis, it only makes sense to keep abreast of the developments. To this end, we keep a blog on our site updated with articles we think are pertinent. Hopefully, you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy providing them.

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Founded 2007, Clear the Air Foundation strives to lessen pollution emitted by old or decrepit vehicles by taking them off Colorado’s roads. Clear the Air Foundation supports charities that are dedicated to helping Colorado’s citizens who suffer from environment-related health issues, such as asthma and other breathing disorders. Incorporated under the laws of the State of Colorado, Clear the Air Foundation is a corporation for charitable purposes 501(c)(3) and not for financial profit. We are honored to serve the citizens and communities of the great state of Colorado!