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The future of tomorrow depends on the actions of today. When your children ask how you helped to save the planet, you’ll be able to say that your car donation not only helped to keep the environment clean, but also helped provide scholarships to automotive technicians. Your children will thank you. Colorado needs our help, and we believe that the future generations deserve to know the same vibrant Colorado we know. Don’t hesitate to contact with your private car donations.

Car Donations Keep Colorado Green

Private car donations are an important facet of recycling vehicles. Although dealerships make up the bulk of our donations, the vehicles that regular people call us to pick up are some of the worst we’ve seen. That makes sense, considering a car has to be able to somewhat run to make it to a dealership, and people tend to hold onto things with memories attached. Sometimes the vehicle is kept with the hopes that it will one day be a future restoration job, but then life happens, and it needs to be hauled away.

Private Car Donations are An Important Part of Recycling in Colorado

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of doing your part to keep the earth clean. When people make the decision to take responsibility for the car or truck they’ve put out to pasture, or even literally in a pasture, they’re not only taking responsibility for their actions but they’re also providing Colorado’s future generations, who deserve a planet left better than we found it, with exactly that. Colorado needs you to donate, and Clear the Air Foundation is here to facilitate that station of that need.

One of the Easiest Way to Keep Colorado Green Is Through Car Donations

One of the easiest ways to go green and stay that color is to donate a down and out vehicle that is sputtering and belching smoke. Even the creaky, rusted out beater that never gets started except to see if it still works as it sets in a barn needs to be recycled as soon as possible. Eventually, an old car is either resold or refurbished. Reworking the entirety of the vehicle usually isn’t an option, as it surpasses most peoples’ skill level as mechanics, and that is where Clear the Air Foundation of Colorado comes in.

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Founded 2007, Clear the Air Foundation strives to lessen pollution emitted by old or decrepit vehicles by taking them off Colorado’s roads. Clear the Air Foundation supports charities that are dedicated to helping Colorado’s citizens who suffer from environment-related health issues, such as asthma and other breathing disorders. Incorporated under the laws of the State of Colorado, Clear the Air Foundation is a corporation for charitable purposes 501(c)(3) and not for financial profit. We are honored to serve the citizens and communities of the great state of Colorado!

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