Clear the Air Foundation helps auto tech apprentice Will Cumby earn scholarships and necessary tools to begin job at Jaguar Land Rover Flatirons

Will Cumby, left, with Jake Stark of Jaguar Land Rover Flatirons.

DENVER, April 22, 2019 – The Clear the Air Foundation, in conjunction with Snap-on Tools and with matching funds from Jaguar Land Rover Flatirons, recently helped Will Cumby, an apprentice automotive technician, purchase tools so he could begin his new job.

Cumby was inspired by a high school automotive class and a stint at the U.S. Army’s Fort Carson in Colorado Springs to pursue a career in automotive technology. After relocating to Denver from Nashville, he began working with Jaguar Land Rover Flatirons, but couldn’t afford to buy the tools he needed to fulfill his job requirements.

Cumby learned about, and applied for, a scholarship from The Clear the Air Foundation, which helped him earn a $2,500 Snap-on-Tools scholarship. That was matched by another $2,500 from Jaguar Land Rover Flatirons. Because Cumby qualified for a 50 percent off student discount from Snap-On Tools scholarship program, his total benefit allowed him to purchase up to $10,000 worth of tools. The scholarship helped Cumby start his job and to support his family.

Mark Zeigler, director of the Clear the Air Foundation, said, “We are delighted to present this scholarship to Will and help support his career goals. The tools a mechanic needs do not come cheap. Through scholarships like this, we can help offset financial hurdles for auto tech students throughout Colorado, and for those starting employment.

“We’re also pleased to partner with Snap-on Tools’ Student Excellence Program; that helps extend the value of our contributions and makes more tools available to more students.”

Jake Stark, shop foreman, Jaguar Land Rover Flatirons, said, “We still have four open stalls that need to be filled. With our JLR training program, we can bring people up to speed quickly. JLR has 50 online classes and the dealership will send employees to California or Georgia for the three-week fast track program, once they have completed the required online course work. I am looking forward to helping Will achieve his goals.”

Ed Dobbs, general manager, Jaguar Land Rover Flatirons, said he is thrilled to have found Will and is looking forward helping him achieve his goal of becoming a Master Certified Automotive Technician.

Zeigler said students in automotive technology programs are exposed to theory and hands-on experience in the automobile’s major systems. They can earn associate degrees and certificates in programs related to automotive service technology, along with course work in diesel, brakes, electrical, transmission and drive trains, mechanical and light repair, engine performance, heating and air conditioning, steering and suspension.


Founded in 2007 by the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, the Clear the Air Foundation (CTAF) strives to improve the air we breathe by permanently taking old or improperly maintained vehicles off the road. The Foundation receives high-polluting vehicles donated by Colorado automobile dealers and citizens to improve the quality of Colorado’s air. These ‘clunkers’ are delivered to an auto recycling company, where they are recycled — never to pollute again. To date, the Foundation has recycled 4,200 vehicles.

In addition, the Foundation recycles the funds from crushed cars into $2,500 grants to students who are pursuing careers in the automotive technology industries. For more information, please visit Clear the Air Foundation.